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2020 – a year of e-mobility records

May 20, 2021

More e-vehicles on the roads, more charging points and more encouragement from business and the public sector. The figures from the past year prove that e-mobility in Austria will make a significant contribution to achieving the mobility turnaround.

In 2020, great progress was made in e-mobility, both nationally and internationally. In Austria, there were 4,530 e-vehicles registered in December alone, more than ever before in a single month. In 2020, more than 23,000 e-vehicles were newly registered in total, an increase of +9.5%.Karte der Neuzulassungen an E-Fahrzeugen 2020 in Österreich

Due to the higher number of e-vehicles on the roads, an expansion of the charging infrastructure is also of great importance. By the end of 2020, almost 8,000 charging points were recorded across Austria, meaning that there are around eight electric cars per charging point. In an international comparison, Austria is among the 15 countries with more than 1,500 charging points.

Öffentliche Ladepunkte 2020 jener europäischen Länder mit mehr als 1.500 Ladepunkten

Important steps have also been taken in manufacturing for the mobility turnaround: More and more manufacturers are investing in the expansion of electromobility and are also calling the first sales and development stops for combustion engines. In order to achieve climate neutrality in 2050, strategies and measures are also being prepared at the national level: In addition to the public infrastructure, the wallbox at home also plays a significant role in the ramp-up of e-mobility. In this regard, an amendment to the housing law to introduce a "Right to Plugs" has been announced by the Austrian Ministry for Climate Action and Austrian Ministry of Justice. This should make it much easier to retrofit charging infrastructure in existing multi-apartment buildings.

Further details and information from the world of e-mobility can be found in our current brochure Highlights of Electromobility – Austrian & International Developments 2020/2021 (german version).