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Innovation in Mobility

Thinking the Future today

Innovations are essential drivers of the further development of the mobility system. AustriaTech experts are well knowledgable in accompanying and supporting these processes. Our experience shows: For progress in mobility, both opportunities for secure experimentation and coordinated framework conditions are essential.

Innovations renew and change the status quo. Their implementation requires courage, but also security and expertise: experience in the use of new processes, technologies or products is usually quite small. It is therefore crucial for the success of innovative projects to introduce thorough monitoring and ongoing evaluation from the beginning. Numerous other fields such as health, housing, security, and tourism also play a role. With our know-how in this field, we can support you in breaking down innovation barriers and in establishing partnerships between different actors.


Exploiting opportunities and circumventing innovation barriers

AustriaTech wants to increase the use of innovation processes. All national actors from business, science, industry, and politics should be given the same opportunities. In addition, international exchange is also promoted on an ongoing basis. We focus on the aspect of mutual learning in order to reconcile gaps between research and implementation before they arise. Different perspectives and problems are actively addressed and interpreted, recommendations developed and a common understanding established. Our aim is to make the subsequent innovation path visible and comprehensible for all participants.


Innovation objective number 1: Enabling joint learning

Ever since AustriaTech was founded, we have been dealing with new transportation technologies, current developments, and unprecedented solutions for sustainable, efficient, and safe mobility. New technologies such as connected infrastructure and automated mobility are only one important aspect. It is often a matter of bringing innovation to the point where it is put to concrete use. Therefore, especially those groups that want to and should implement new developments need to be informed and advised. Cities, municipalities, investors, and operators can rely on our expertise. By supporting so-called real-world laboratories, we draw together our experience and knowledge. From 2020, aviation will be another aspect of the mobility system addressed by AustriaTech. Here, too, the aim is to identify innovation potential in harmony with other transport modes and to support innovative solutions in the sense of a joint, sustainable development of the entire mobility system.

We think ahead of where others stop. Especially in the field of traffic management, we develop future scenarios together with partners and show possible development paths through simulations and modelling. Here, too, it is important to create awareness at an early stage and to promote (further) education. Innovative solutions take time for users to accept and use them. Therefore, they should be addressed already in the research and test phase. At the TRA2018 in Vienna, an interactive zone was established for the first time in order to give a tangible impression of tomorrow's mobility today.

If you work on an innovative project in the field of mobility and are interested in testing or further developing it: Do not hesitate to contact us!


Courage to innovate

Innovative does not only stand for something new, but also for encountering something that has never existed before. INFRAMIX is an example of how automated driving can function in the phase of mixed traffic that will soon begin. This video of the project shows first approaches.


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