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Sustainable mobility is on the advance. Technical solutions are being created gradually. But in order to make them a reality, every individual must contribute: by changing attitudes and behaviour. AustriaTech supports this process and is actively working to raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable mobility and its effects.

Sustainable mobility solutions increase the quality of life. This can be clearly seen in conurbations with increasing traffic volumes: Here, e-mobility and sharing models are enjoying increasing popularity. AustriaTech is committed to a holistic approach that takes people's needs seriously and supports their implementation at the political level. Our goal is to enable healthy, sustainable, and thus future-compliant mobility.

"AustriaTech acts like a catalyst: we get the best out of the existing and future solutions in order to achieve positive environmental effects."

Promoting environmentally-friendly mobility in all its facets

Even if traffic is not completely avoidable, more environmentally friendly and low-emission options can be offered. To achieve this, cross-sectoral work is important. Mobility is linked to areas such as housing, tourism or energy. In this way, synergies are identified and the implementation of environmentally friendly solutions or services, such as sharing, is made possible.

AustriaTech, for example, accompanies the initiative of the "Urban Mobility Labs". For years, these laboratories have demonstrated the added value that networking and exchange have to offer, especially in the early phases of a project. Our task is to establish a good network and involve new agents or stakeholders at an early stage.


Identifying sustainable trends

Being up to date with the latest developments is crucial in order to initiate further development or change. Through continuous monitoring, AustriaTech records the status quo in Austria as well as internationally, especially in the field of e-mobility. We summarise these findings in monthly reports and an annual report and publish them for download.

We see it as our core task to provide a basis for decision-making and to give recommendations for action. In this way, we also support the right investment decisions at the political level. In the Melinda project, we are committed to switching to clean and active mobility and make it possible to test this in pilot projects.


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