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Chances of connected Mobility

better accompanied through Linking of Services and Information

Connected mobility for AustriaTech means creating new possibilities through the combination of already existing ones. This happens on various levels: From a technological point of view the exchange of data and services between vehicles and infrastructure is highly relevant. We take our task of connecting actors and networks just as seriously.

The exchange of information in the mobility sector is going to be more intensive and the amount of data grows. C-ITS is an aspect that we have been taking care of for years now. There is a lot more than the exchange of safety-relevant data between infrastructure operators and road users. It is also a matter of implementing standardised interfaces and applications that encompass various transport modes and are to be used at a European level. AustriaTech bundles the knowledge through the active participation in standardization committees, national and international platforms and the leadership of european funding projects.


More quality because of connected transport

The added value of interconnectedness in the field of traffic lies in the variety and diversity. The occurence of new things or the mutual improvement of existing ones is only possible through the connection of different solutions, services and data. The increase of quality and safety are two aspects which lie in our focus within all our activities. To recognize all technical aspects and their effects on the whole system, understanding and explaining them in a comprehensible way is one of our tasks. We support stakeholders in combining their individual goals into a common goal.


Encourage the exchange as a go-between

We are in a constant exchange with infrastructure operators, industry and politics on a national and european level. We have the necessary stamina and years of experience to successfully conclude projects with large consortia. We contribute to an open and trustful exchange in projects like C-Roads, LinkingDanube or national initiatives like “MaaS made in Austria” of the ITS Austria and support combining the individual goals of different stakeholders into a common goal.

Without digitalisation a connection between all these services would not be possible. Here you can read more about the significance of digital mobility for AustriaTech. 


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