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Martin Russ, Managing Director

Managing Director Martin Russ

Martin Russ has been Managing Director of AustriaTech since 2011. He is the visionary heart of the company. Under his leadership, AustriaTech's areas of responsibility were expanded to include activities relating to "Automated and Clean Mobility". With the new structure of the ITS Austria the management will also act as Secretary General for the ITS Austria platform. He can look back on more than 25 years of expertise in the field of traffic planning and mobility technologies. He acts as chair of the European Network of ITS Associations, and co-chairs the topic of digital infrastructure within the trilateral WG on CAD. Since July 2019 he part of the Mission Board for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities within the Horizon Europe research program. 

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Management Team

Martin Böhm, Head of Business Unit and authorized signatory

Martin Böhm, leader of the business unit mobility technologies and mobility services

Martin Böhm is head of the Business Unit Digital Infrastructure & Data. He has accompanied AustriaTech almost since its foundation. As a geographer, he has learned to present even complex technical content in an understandable form. His studies in "Traffic Telematics Management" helped him to apply this general understanding of networking different technical expertise to the field of transport telematics and ITS.

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Walter Schneider, Head of Business Unit

Business Unit Leader Walter Schneider

Walter Schneider is head of the Business Unit Mobility Transformation & Ecosystems. After about ten years of active project work in the field of transport systems and transport technologies, he has worked as a speaker in council committees on the strategic design of the domestic FTI system at the interface with politics. Since June 2019, he has been contributing this experience to the activities of his Business Unit for the further development of the mobility system. In this function, his focus will be on the dialogue between different players.

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Members of the Supervisory Board

  • Department Head Christian Weissenburger (Chair of the Board)
  • Natalie Michulec (Deputy Chair of the Board) 
  • Roland Dietrich
  • Dr. Karin Vorauer-Mischer
  • Dr. Florian Kressler (Employee representation) 
  • Lucas Hübner-Weiss (Employee representation) 

"New ways of mobility must be tackled without fear and be well prepared. It is therefore important to know and understand one's own environment and other influencing factors."

Martin Russ
Managing Director

"Only together will we be able to create a sustainable and affordable mobility system. Cooperation is not just a catchword here, but the central and formative element."

Martin Böhm
Business Unit Leader Digital Infrastrukture & Data

"Forward-looking forms of mobility and concepts not only need more technology, but also a willingness for new things and experimental spaces to be able to experience them."

Walter Schneider
Business Unit Leader Mobility Transformation & Ecosystems

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