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Projects on connected and automated mobility at a glance

Jan 16, 2020

CAD Knowledge Base provides insights into projects on connected and automated driving in new database.

In the EU project ARCADE, a knowledge database - the so-called CAD Knowledge Base - was implemented, which for the first time collects all completed and current projects related to automation. ARCADE itself aims to create a common understanding of connected, cooperative and automated mobility and to define framework conditions for further development steps in this field.

The project database available in ARCADE can be very helpful. Projects on the topic of automated and connected mobility can be filtered again according to certain aspects such as Big Data, human factor, safety and much more. Among other things, it is possible to query the projects which address the aspect of digital and physical infrastructure. This aspect is important to numerous activities of AustriaTech, as Martin Dirnwöber, expert for Digital Transport Infrastructure and automated mobility, reports: "The digital and physical infrastructure plays a key role here, because it can contribute to making automated mobility safer and traffic itself more efficient." In projects such as Inframix, in which AustriaTech is also involved, the focus is on scenarios of mixed traffic. In order to plan and enable a safe and efficient coexistence of automated and conventional vehicles, both the physical and the digital elements of the infrastructure and their interaction have to be tested and validated. The applied methods range from the further development of traffic flow models and the use of co-simulation environments to real tests on public highways. Here, it is also important to exchange ideas and enable mutual learning. "The ARCADE knowledge database makes it possible to identify topic areas of other projects and to strengthen the exchange within the European projects - even if they are anchored in different funding lines".