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The project NAPCORE introduces itself

Dec 6, 2021

With the platform "", AustriaTech has been operating the national access point to traffic data in Austria on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection since 2016.

This access point offers public and private organisations and companies the possibility to enter their mobility-related data according to the ITS Act. Information about existing ITS data or ITS services is thus made available centrally and barrier-free. According to the European ITS Directive, each Member State must establish such an access point. However, the way in which this data is made available is left up to each country.

The NAPCORE project now goes one step further: the aim of the EU project is to coordinate and harmonise 30 national access points in Europe. This is a mammoth project involving 36 partners from 26 EU member states and three other so-called Associated Partners. The aim is to improve the interoperability of the various access points that are central to the exchange of mobility data within Europe. The vision pursued in the project is to promote a uniform solution for the whole of Europe. For this will not only make information on mobility data available in the future, but will also enable transnational mobility services to be developed more quickly and adapted or expanded in a timely manner. In this way, a significant contribution can be made to an efficient, safe and sustainable mobility system both nationally and across Europe.

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