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How to: Loading an electric car

Sep 20, 2018

In the recently published guidelines on "How to load my car", the BMVIT and AustriaTech record important aspects of the charging infrastructure in one's personal four walls. The aim is to provide legal and technical support to tenants and owners during the installation process.

An e-car being reloaded with energy


Our quality of life is determined by a multitude of factors. Mobility and traffic play a key role and influence the perception of good living conditions. There has been little doubt about the benefits of being mobile. Not only the attainment of the job or the organisation of family life are influenced by the degree of mobility. A country's economic strength and progress also depend to a decisive degree on an efficient, safe and affordable mobility system.


However, with increasing awareness of environmental conditions and climate change, negative impacts of these aspects, such as nitrogen oxides, noise and CO2 emissions, are also becoming apparent. A not insignificant factor with regard to the quality of life of each individual.


Sustainable mobility is possible


This awareness is increasingly finding its way into the behaviour of road users. It can be seen, for example, in the highlight report "Electromobility in Austria 2017/18", which summarises the developments in e-mobility on an annual basis: The number of electric vehicles in Austria has increased by 61% compared to the previous year. The Ministry of Transport is responding to the increasing interest in e-mobility, among other things, with the newly published guidelines "How do I load my car?" The service brochures make it easier for tenants and landlords to get started with e-mobility.


Starting with the installation of a charging station in the garage or on the parking space, the guides also provide an overview of the costs incurred, give valuable tips for tenants in multi-family houses and compile important legal aspects.


Interested parties can currently also attend numerous information events during the European Mobility Week in Vienna to test e-vehicles. At the same time, information will be provided on new business models in the field of electric mobility.


The decarbonisation of the transport system has a high priority for AustriaTech. By investing more in electromobility and making it easier for consumers to make the right decision, the quality of life for all citizens can be maintained and even improved.


If you would like to learn more about decarbonisation and electromobility at AustriaTech, you will find comprehensive information here.

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