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„The only way is together"

Aug 10, 2022

Currently, war as well as energy and climate crises are shaping our society. All this also affects the world of mobility and shows how important joint cooperation is. Martin Russ, AustriaTech's managing director, provides insights into where the company wants to develop.

What impact do the current crisis have on developments in mobility?

„In recent months it has become quite clear that we can only tackle these challenges together and with a new vision on approaches to solutions and design. The topics of climate, energy and digitali-sation are strongly intertwined with mobility and demand a change of perspective from us. Last year at AustriaTech, we set the necessary agenda for our-selves and are continuing to work on it. We take a comprehensive look at current issues of transfor-mation in and around mobility, with a particular focus on the interaction of new technologies and key solution components.“

Does AustriaTech itself also have to change?

„Yes, of course. Our organisational structure is flexible and well positioned, but we regularly question whether we have the right competences, processes and partners for the challenges of the future. Due to the many issues and roles we deal with, our operating system also needs an update every now and then. With our new Strategy 2030, we are creating an optimal basis in order to deal with the demands of the future. It is important for us to accompany and advise as many stakeholders as possible and to coordinate measures so that in practice they do not work against each other but with each other. Our understanding of the context coupled with advisory services and project devel-opment activities enable us to offer targeted and comprehensive support.“

Where is AustriaTech heading then?

„We have a mandate to drive the mobility transition forward effectively. It is precisely for this purpose that we want to fully assume our role as a mobility transformation competence centre. In the past, the focus was on digitalisation, but in recent years we have consciously committed ourselves more and more to a digital transformation in the sense of CO2-neutral mobility and climate neutrality. We will succeed if we make the best possible use of the various subjects that are assigned to us: from shar-ing to automated mobility, digital infrastructure and connectivity to new services and the accom-paniment of innovations. And it is precisely this wealth of topics and expertise that enables us to connect things with each other. Because this con-textual expertise is precisely what I need to know in order to know how certain parts fit together and which technology components I need to combine with others. I am convinced that we have created a good basis for our future work. We will be flexible and well equipped to deal with the demands that lie ahead of us in the coming years – and we will do so in an adaptable, open and transparent manner.“

Learn more about AustriaTech as well as its areas of expertise and read the interview with Martin Russ in full in our current annual report.