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Freedom vs. legal framework: the needs of innovations

Sep 27, 2022

Technical innovations and sustainable concepts in the field of mobility can help to overcome current and future climate challenges. For this, legal frameworks are needed, which in turn must lead the way with an innovative view.

At some point in the innovation cycle, the point is reached where innovations want to take the first steps under real conditions, but the legal situation does not allow it, allows it partially or with a delay. Adapting the legal framework needs a forward-looking view and extensive knowledge of the entire environment. We use the close exchange with research, politics and industry to address possible and necessary legal adjustments. In recent months in particular, new possibilities have been created in e-mobility with the Right-to-Plug and in automation with the amendment of the second amendment of the Austrian edict on automated driving (AutomatFahr-Verordnung).

"Shared mobility is very diverse and an essential component of an environmentally friendly multimodal mobility system. The various systems, forms and categories in the field of sharing raise complex legal issues that need to be resolved. It will be important to develop legal structures and concepts in order to give recommendations for action to the legislator as well as to the administration. A concrete example from this context is the parking of e-scooters in public spaces. An inconspicuous aspect at first glance, which nevertheless needs to be regulated in order to do justice to the rapidly growing supply and increasing land use conflicts between the different road users," says Vincent Bretschneider, Legal Counsel at AustriaTech.

We see the next necessary steps in so-called experimental spaces. If we manage to create a binding and yet more open framework for time-limited experimentation under real conditions, innovations can be implemented more quickly and at the same time safely, and Austria can thus also take on a pioneering role internationally.

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