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Competence grows through action" – Martin Russ about the tasks of AustriaTech

Dec 18, 2019

What motivates AustriaTech and how the trends in the mobility sector look like: Interview with Managing Director Martin Russ.

What are the most dominant trends in the field of mobility? 

There is no mega-trend that does not affect mobility at some point. However, there is much more at stake. We need a new understanding of the role of public authorities or individual actors in the face of change. We must think and act across sectors and also create appropriate institutions. This is where we come in. AustriaTech has always had it in its DNA to connect, mediate and inform.

How will people move in 30 years?

Mobility will be much more diverse and flexible. Everything, always, everywhere is the wish: a one-stop shop for all mobility needs. The need for mobility is not decreasing from my point of view, but I think that people will be more aware of their mobility choices and that sustainability will play a greater role.

What role does AustriaTech play in such change processes?

We have a “both ways” approach: We want to advance new services and technol-ogies. But we also make sure that these promote environmentally conscious be-haviour and at the same time secure national and regional added value. The question of benefit is always central.

What significance does trust have for AustriaTech?

There are very different dimensions of trust. As a neutral player, we are committed to common goals. That is why our stakeholders trust us. We are also strengthening confidence in new technologies, for example by discussing aspects such as security and privacy in the mobility sector internationally.

What do you wish for the future of AustriaTech? 

It is very important for me not only to be able to make concrete recommendations, but also to have practical experience and instructions. The others should not think, "aha, this is how you imagine it", but "aha, this is how you can do it". To this end, we must be more operational. Competence grows through action, not just through the development of concepts!