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Investing in the future - internship at AustriaTech

Aug 25, 2022

Internships are intended to provide a first insight into working life. Our focus lays on involving our interns responsibly in the daily work and enabling them to apply and develop their skills.

From the business units to the staff units and a duration of two to six months - the opportunities to complete an internship at AustriaTech are diverse: Insights into project management as well as into processes of EU projects or the co-organisation of events are only a small part of the spectrum of experiences that can be gained during an internship. It is important that our interns are well integrated into the respective team and have the opportunity to contribute and expand their skills. And not infrequently, at the end of the internship, there is an opportunity to stay in the company.

Drei Praktikantinnen stehen vor einer Pinnwand

Overcoming challenges together

All beginnings are difficult and new challenges can seem overwhelming at first glance. When jumping into the deep end, it is always good to know that no one has to swim alone.

Sarah Grunt, BSc, former intern and now a permanent employee in the decarbonisation & vehicle technologies department, reports: "Since AustriaTech works as an expert:inside agency for the BMK in a very multi-layered context, it was challenging for me at first to grasp the overall system. However, due to the openness to my questions and regular briefings within the team, I soon found my way around the landscape of legal requirements, stakeholders and objectives."

"Despite the challenging Corona situation with lockdown and home office, I felt I fitted in well with the group. Also, due to my studies in Environmental and Bioresource Management, I was allowed to reduce my working hours and had thus found a better balance in my life." tells Nina Dearing, BSc, former intern and now permanently employed in the Automation & Road Safety department.

Annika Dollinger, BSc, former intern and now permanently employed in the New Mobility in Practice department, adds "What it taught me is that you have to jump over your shadow and break out of your comfort zone, because that's the only way to grow."

Deepen acquired knowledge

Not only can new knowledge be acquired through new challenges. Rather, it can also develop one's own personality and shape new skills.

"My studies in aviation are wide-ranging, which gave me the advantage of being able to demonstrate background knowledge in all the subject areas I had to work on. This "helicopter view" is a great advantage, especially in AustriaTech, as it allows you to represent the interests of the community and the Federal Ministry in the best possible way. I gained a new perspective on the national and international aviation industry, projects and funding instruments. I was also able to gain a lot of new experience about working in a team, further developing my personal time management in order to handle tasks even more efficiently and - I think this is very important - working with nice colleagues is even more fun," says Annika Dollinger. Sarah Grunt also agrees that the working conditions are just as important as the subject of the work itself: "I was positively surprised by the flexibility of AustriaTech. Flexibility in terms of organisational things (home office and working hours) and also professionally: cross-team work is really lived: people from other teams share their expertise and experience, which can then flow well into one's own team activities at certain points."

Drei Praktikantinnen betrachten gemeinsam den Bildschirm eines Computers

Meaningful and sustainable

In order to face the challenges in the field of climate, environment and mobility, you need not only the necessary know-how, but above all a lot of commitment and also stamina. The close cooperation with the Ministry of Climate Protection offers a good opportunity here to get an insight into how the future of mobility is being shaped.

"I have had an interest in getting a behind-the-scenes look at the BMK for a very long time. In student discourses, one often comes up with the solution approach "In politics, this and that would have to be changed." That's why AustriaTech, as the federal government's company for technology policy measures, was so exciting for me, because I wanted to see what considerations, coordination and work steps take place in order to find out which measures turn out to be adequate.", Katharina Graus, internship in the Mobility in Context team, Master's degree in Environmental & Bioresource Management, Vienna.

"It is a brilliant opportunity to get an insight into the present and future of sustainable, progressive mobility. Interns also work closely on the projects and can actually contribute their ideas. You can actively experience the implementation of national and European guidelines and stakeholder exchange. Not to forget the unique and dynamic staff and the possibility to start working at AustriaTech even during your bachelor studies", Sarah Grunt concludes.

The internships took place between October 2021 and March 2022.

AustriaTech regularly advertises internship positions in various areas. On average, the internships last between three to six months. You can find our current job advertisements here.

Not found a suitable position? We are also happy to receive unsolicited applications!

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