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A common "Mobility as a Service" concept for Austria

Oct 2, 2019

MaaS is seen as a promising approach to make our mobility system more service-oriented and inclusive. ITS Austria has developed a concept paper for this purpose.

On 1 October 2019, the concept paper "Mobility as a Service in Austria" was presented at this year's ITS Austria Conference. Over the past eight months, a working group within ITS Austria has collected information on the current status quo on how mobility as a service (MaaS) is implemented in Austria. MaaS is regarded as a promising approach to make our mobility system more service-oriented and inclusive. This resulted in a concept that not only assessed the current situation, but also developed recommendations for the implementation of "MaaS made in Austria" (MaaS miA). With a MaaS service it should be possible in the future to offer intermodal travel information as well as booking, reservation and payment.

In order to develop a common understanding, different levels of MaaS systems were defined. These so-called MaaS miA Readiness Levels thus also enable self-classification for individual mobility providers in order to integrate their individually developed services into a MaaS system under the defined conditions without any problems. From Level 0 to Level 3, the different integration levels, the role of the public sector and the legal and technological framework are defined. The advantage is that the services can thus be better linked with other offerings and the different needs of road users can be supported optimally.

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