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Openness and diversity: the right view for mobility

Oct 6, 2022

Mobility is one of the crucial factors when it comes to tackling climate challenges. To unleash its full potential, the world of mobility must address society in its full breadth and diversity.

Mobility research often addresses stereotypes that reflect only a part of society. We need to address the needs of all groups in all our activities - be it in automated, active, public mobility or the topic of digitalisation in general - to enable truly inclusive and barrier-free mobility for tomorrow. The direct and timely involvement of citizens is therefore increasingly becoming an important instrument in mobility research.

"In mobility research, white and male personas are often considered representative. However, these stereotypes are by no means representative. Research in the field of mobility must adapt these personas to the multiplicity and diversity in society. For only when the world of mobility has a comprehensive and open view of society can broadly diversified offers be established. This creates diverse and barrier-free access to mobility that can be used by everyone," says Nora Spiegel, Team Leader Mobility Ecosystems at AustriaTech.

Projects such as MELINDA, SHOW or CATAPULT have shown in the past year that collecting expectations and concerns can have an accelerating effect on project progress and also implementation.

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