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FRAME NEXT deals with the evolution and further development of the European ITS Framework Architecture, in particular with the requirements of the ITS Directive and new technologies

Due to AustriaTech's leading role in the field of ITS, there is great interest in updating and further developing a European ITS framework architecture as a basis for the implementation of activities of the national ITS Action Plan.

The FRAME NEXT approach to be followed will entail the critical assessment of existing ITS architectures and their implementations, taking into account local, regional and national constraints. The analysis includes ITS developments such as Cooperative-ITS and connected mobility, real-time traffic and travel information, traffic management, safe and secure truck parking information and eCall. Special attention is given to the user needs of stakeholders and specific user groups.

Main goal of Frame NEXT is to create a Common Pan-European ITS Architecture that includes necessary priorities/services for ITS in Europe - This will be done by extending and enhancing the existing FRAME Architecture so that it reflects recent developments in ITS and the connected mobility domain as well as the obligations of the ITS Directive and addresses the barriers to Urban ITS deployment. In the FRAME Architecture it will be particularly important to enable the identification of the functional ITS service chains that link the collection of raw data through its processing to ITS services till the service distribution to end users based on standardized interfaces and protocols between actors and stakeholders. Each version of the FRAME Architecture and the reference implementations will be published on the FRAME website.


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