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Definition of future infrastructural measures for the introduction of automated driving

In the INFRAMIX project, partners from Austria, Germany, Greece and Spain have been working together since June 2017. Austrian partners besides AustriaTech as coordinator are ASFiNAG, Virtual Vehicle and Siemens AG Austria. The goal of INFRAMIX is to prepare the infrastructure for the transition phase in which both automated and non-automated vehicles will be on the road. Physical as well as digital elements will be designed, further developed, adapted and tested. These elements will be validated by a combination of simulations and real tests. A particular focus is on safety and efficiency. The methods range from the development of new traffic flow models and the use of co-simulation environments to real tests on public highways, which will probably be the first to be affected by mixed traffic before cities. For this purpose, two test tracks, each about 20 kilometres long, will be used (in Austria and Spain). The focus is on three applications: dynamic lane allocation, construction site areas and road bottlenecks.


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