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The project addresses the multimodal, smart and low carbon mobility integration of airports in the mobility systems of functional urban areas. The project aims to reduce energy use and environmental impacts of transport activities

LAirA (Landside Airports Accessibility) is an Interreg Central Europe project that started in May 2017 with duration of 30 months. The project’s objective is to reduce the carbon footprint caused by passengers and employees traveling to and from airports.  

LAirA identified seven key areas relevant for achieving multimodal, smart and low carbon mobility: electric mobility, air-rail links, walking & cycling, shared mobility, intelligent transport systems (ITS), wayfinding and public transport. Besides looking at technical solutions LAirA will also address mobility behaviour and attitudes of airports passengers and employees and help defining novel strategies and policies. Besides contributing to all key areas, AustriaTech will be responsible for the areas on sharing and ITS. AustriaTech will coordinate the implementation of carpooling pilots and awareness campaigns at LAirA airports.

LAirA is financially supported by the European Union’s Interreg Central Europe programme funded under the European Regional Development fund. LAirA is a 30-months project with a total budget of €2.23 million.

The project consortium is formed of 10 project partners and 5 associated partners. Our partners in this project are the following:

Associate Partners:

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