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At present, inadequate mobility services and the lack of integration of existing mobility services often make it difficult for road users in rural areas in Central European regions to gain access to sustainable and affordable mobility. The goal of SHAREPLACE is the better integration of existing and the establishment of new offers within regions.

Within the framework of SHAREPLACE (Shared mobility and Regional transport integrated Planning for a better connected Central Europe), six pilot regions (Bergamo, Crema, Fuschlsee-Mondseeland, Osijek, Ulm and Zalaegerszeg) will identify problems and improve local, regional and transnational mobility and transport services by means of targeted, region-specific measures. In the course of Living Labs, different stakeholders like transport operators, policy makers and others are involved in the development and implementation process of mobility solutions. Among other things, a service platform will be developed which contributes to the better integration of information on different mobility offers and thus makes these offers more accessible for travellers. In addition, business models will be developed to ensure both the short-term financial feasibility and the long-term availability of the mobility solutions developed.

SHAREPLACE is coordinated by AustriaTech, which is also responsible for communication and a thematic work package for the development of operator and business models. AustriaTech also supports the planning and operational implementation of the pilot operation in the Fuschlsee-Mondseeland region and contributes to the exchange of knowhow and experience between the various pilot regions. One goal is to ensure the early involvement of relevant stakeholders in the project in order to support the feasibility and transferability of measures and results.

SHAREPLACE is supported by the European Development Fund within the framework of Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE. The total project budget amounts to 2.5 million euros.

The project consortium consists of a total of ten project partners and one associated partner:

 Associated Partner:

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