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Creation of regional ITS master plans and harmonisation in the field of ITS

The RITS-Net project aims to promote interregional cooperation within the EU Member States in order to increase the effectiveness of regional development strategies and the competitiveness of these regions. In concrete terms, a sustainable regional transport policy is to be promoted through the use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) at regional level. The aim of the project is to develop individual, regional ITS action plans. To support this, AustriaTech has developed a harmonised process that defines priorities forming the common basis of all action plans. Decisive for the recommendations are the state of the art in the respective region, the degree of implementation of ITS, as well as the current mobility problems in the region. In addition, the project partners are also developing methods for sustainable re-use and transferability to neighbouring regions. By means of a priority-risk analysis, certain bundles of measures can be identified in which the regions develop concrete measures.