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TRA 2018

Overall Organisation of the Transport Research Arena 2018 in Vienna

The TRA 2018 was hosted by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT), AustriaTech and the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). AustriaTech was responsible for the overall Organisation of the TRA and its side events, marketing, promotion, sponsoring, exhibitions and demonstrations. With more than 3.600 participants the Transport Research Arena 2018 was the most-attended TRA so far. Under the Motto "A Digital Era for Transport" the main challenges in transport and mobility for people and goods, with respect to energy, environment, security and economic issues were discussed. With the all new "Interactive Zone" European research and development excellence became tangible and closed the gap between theory and practice.

Read the "Highlight Report" and the "Session Records" for a detailed recap on TRA 2018.

Click here for the official Website of TRA 2018.