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Develop recommendations for inclusive automated mobility solutions in cities that focus on the needs of specific user groups.

The CATAPULT project deals with how automated mobility can be designed and used in a more inclusive way. Specifically, the needs of those user groups that have been underrepresented in the development process so far are highlighted. Among other things, this is intended to initiate a process of change in the mobility system and create new framework conditions for automated mobility solutions in urban areas. The definition of concrete use cases for the application of automated mobility services should help to optimise an integration of these new offers into the existing mobility system. Austria will conduct field tests and workshops in several cities or regions in cooperation with the Urban Mobility Labs. The aim is to support the development of innovative mobility systems and services that have the potential to contribute to sustainable urban mobility. Possible fields of action will be identified in the form of recommendations for political decision-makers, urban planners and mobility providers. An accompanying analysis will ensure that the recommendations can be transferred to other regions.

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