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Spatially-differentiated effects of automated driving in the Zurich metropolitan region (RZU).

Due to varying complex conditions in the surrounding area, automated vehicles can only be used in parts of the road network. In the project "Spatially-differentiated effects of automated driving", the effects of automated driving during this transition phase are investigated. Various methods are being used to assess the suitability of individual road sections in selected RZU area types for highly automated vehicles. In the process, it will also be examined which automated mobility services appear to make sense at the locations in each case. Since the change in the mobility system frees up areas, these potential areas can be surveyed with the help of the project in order to support the spatial planning objectives. By examining the effects on land use and transport, the question is posed as to whether transport or settlement policy reactions are necessary in order to continue to meet currently valid objectives.

The methods and tools used will be further developed in the project and will be used in other projects. As the RZU area is comparable to a large part of the Austrian territory, the results can be used in national projects without any problems.


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