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Inside AustriaTech: Reconciling work and further education

Feb 3, 2020

Further education is very important, especially in a company like AustriaTech, which is constantly dealing with new developments in mobility. Therefore, this is actively supported on different levels.

Doris Wiederwald, for example, taught at the university alongside her work. By choosing from different time models, she was able to work in an interdisciplinary and cross-industry way and to continue her education at the same time.

"I think it is good that we can choose from different time models. This made it possible for me to give a lecture at university on the topic of participation processes in addition to my daily work," says Doris Wiederwald from the Business Unit Mobility Innovation. Working at the university offers several opportunities. "The interdisciplinary approach and the combination of different topics [in her case regional planning and mobility] offers a new perspective.“

This change of perspective flows back into everyday work – which is the sense of further education and knowledge enhancement - and thus allows other perspectives and ideas to be taken up and considered. In addition, networking in a working environment other than the usual one can generate a knowledge advantage. Of course, teaching also leads to a consolidation of the expert status: "We are thus perceived as experts and getting invited to give lectures and make contributions".

In addition to professional training, conferences and workshops are also used to delve deeper into a topic or internal workshops are offered in order to pass on experience across teams. There is also the possibility of educational leave or part-time-education - depending on time and personnel resources, we try to find an individually suitable solution.