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Urban Mobility Labs at TRA2018

Jun 7, 2018

Five Urban Mobility Labs facilitate research and innovation and therefore create new hot-spots for future mobility innovations.

Person in a suit with virtual reality glasses in a mini-truck

These real world labs are located in Austrian cities and city regions and address key issues in the local and regional transport system. AustriaTech is the national contact point of the initiative assuming the support and linkage of the laboratories and the international networking.

Visitors of the TRA 2018 had the chance to get a better insight on the work of the Urban Mobility Labs. Interactive games, reaching from card games up to technically equipped city maps, and virtual driving showcases with an electric truck or Smart gave an impression of the laboratories toolboxes. Furthermore two technical tours where offered to the Viennese Urban Mobility labs located in Aspern and the harbour of Vienna.

Detailed information about the initiative and the structure of the Urban Mobility Labs was also presented during the strategic session “Mobility Planning”. If you had no chance to get in contact with the Urban Mobility Labs at the TRA or want to know more about the initiative, please click here.

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