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Contact Point Automated Mobility

The mobility of tomorrow is fundamentally characterised by the advancing digitalisation. First applications of automated driving systems and functions are already available on the market and can be tested on public roads under certain conditions. It is clear that automated mobility has great potential. However the increasing development of automated and connected technologies can’t change the transport system on its own, but must be considered in a holistic framework with a view to a service-oriented and a climate-friendly mobility system.


The development of automated driving functions and mobility is being researched globally. Therefore it is important to closely coordinate national activities with European and international initiatives. In November 2018, the Austrian Action Programme on Automated Mobility (2019 - 2022) was presented, which mainly addresses the appropriate and efficient use of automated mobility. It follows the first action plan „Automated – Connected – Mobile“, with which the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) launched and took the first steps towards the future implementation and use of automated vehicles and mobility services. The Austrian strategy in dealing with automated mobility includes the (inter-)national networking of Austrian suppliers and research institutions, the expansion of scientific competence, the legal framework, initial measures in dealing with digital infrastructure as well as the development of test environments, combined with measures for testing and developing under real conditions.


One of the measures was the establishment of the National Contact Point for Automated Mobility at AustriaTech. The Contact Point for Automated Mobility examines and supports tests of automated vehicles. Thus it is the point of contact for these organisations that want to test automated vehicles on public roads in Austria. Furthermore it networks the various proving grounds, projects and actors to impart and exchange knowledge and information in the best possible way and to provide feedback within the scope of impact assessment. Learning from tests and pilots within the frame of defined use cases, and developing new mobility forms is an important focus of the Austrian strategy in dealing with automated mobility.


Due to the creation of the legal framework by BMVIT the testing of automated vehicles is possible under certain conditions. The Ordinance on Automated Driving (AutomatFahrV) currently permits the following applications:

  1. Self-driving minibuses,
  2. Motorway pilot scheme with lane-change assistant and
  3. Self-driving military vehicles.

Interested organisations may, upon receipt of a certificate, carry out tests covered by the Regulation. Requirements for safe testing can be found in the Code of Practice.


Applications for such tests can be sent to the contact point by e-mail using the application form. The deadlines are:

  1. 17.12.2018
  2. 20.03.2019
  3. 19.06.2019
  4. 18.09.2019

At the end of the respective period, the submitted test applications will be evaluated technically and legally.


Tests on public roads that go beyond the scope of the Ordinance on Automated Driving (AutomatFahrV) are currently not possible in Austria. The Contact Point for Automated Mobility will be happy to collect the relevant requirements in order to include them in the process of expanding the test possibilities, if necessary. Companies wishing to carry out such tests should therefore refer the Contact Point at an early planning stage.



Legal framework and conditions
  1. Code of Practice
  2. Translation of the Austrian Edict automated driving
  3. Information note new Edict automated driving
Tests on public roads



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