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Tasks of the

Contact Point Automated Mobility

Apart from the activities around the consultation of interested organisations, the handling of the test requests and the issuing of test certificates, the Contact Point for Automated Mobility has still numerous further tasks in communication and in knowledge transfer to the topic of automated mobility.

  • Supervision of ongoing national projects (pilot projects, test environments and more)

  • Organisation of knowledge exchange with various stakeholders

  • Interaction with various institutions, interest groups and local authorities on the opportunities and effects of automated mobility (e.g. citizens’ debate)

  • Support of international cooperation (e.g. trilateral cooperation AT-HU-SI) with focus on harmonization of framework conditions and processes to enable cross-border testing

  • Assess the need for testing, which goes beyond the current legally permissible use cases, in order to subsequently analyse which additional use cases are required and can be implemented

  • International exchange on conditions for legal and organisational framework as well as on the research landscape and funding opportunities in other countries (within and outside Europe) in order to get to know successful approaches and solutions and to analyse their applicability for Austria

  • Participation in international research projects in order to keep up with the rapid development of automated mobility but also to help shaping its development

  • In addition to the activities mentioned above, the Contact Point also has the task of preparing the annual monitoring report on automated mobility in Austria

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