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Automated Mobility 2020 in and from Austria

Aug 31, 2021

The monitoring report Automated Mobility 2020 provides an overview of national and international developments in automated mobility, as well as the required framework conditions and concrete test activities.

Automated mobility has evolved significantly in recent years.The number of pilot projects and tests have increased. In fact, the number of pilot projects and tests has grown. Additionally, the focus is not on technology, but on services. A central aspect in all activities is the consideration of sustainability and environmental impacts. Concretely, this opens up room for a completely new way of designing products, services, business models and value chains. A key factor here is to take a differential view of use cases and application scenarios, with a particular focus on environmental effects and sustainability goals. Several EU projects address the topic of "Automated Mobility as a part of an inclusive, sustainable mobility system". Other projects also address mixed traffic and the associated further development of the digital infrastructure. Large international consortiums, such as around the EU project Show, are testing different scenarios in different countries, each with specific requirements. The current Automated Mobility Monitoring Report provides an overview of project activities and existing test infrastructure. It is especially an intense exchange between the players that enables developments in this area to be driven forward more quickly.

Another important aspect that was strengthened in the past year is the involvement of the population. Numerous surveys and studies in the report offer insight into how citizens currently feel about this topic. Surveys on the expectations and concerns surrounding automated mobility have provided a better overall view of where educational work still needs to be expanded.

You can read about further developments and best practice examples in the current monitoring report Automated Mobility 2020.