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ARCADE - Developing connected and automated traffic systems

Feb 4, 2020

The ARCADE project supports developments for future "Connected and Automated Driving" systems (CAD systems). The project is a so-called "Coordination and Support" action. This means that no CAD systems will be implemented, but current activities will be coordinated and harmonised.

The basic idea of ARCADE is to cover the entire scope of automated mobility and to bring the views and goals of all relevant stakeholders to a common denominator. The spectrum ranges from technical topics, systems and services to social and legal issues. One goal of the project is to develop proposals for research and innovation priorities for the coming years. This will set the focus for the next few years in order to further develop and introduce connected and automated mobility systems in a sustainable manner.

A core element of the project are the twelve so-called "Thematic Areas". Based on these Thematic Areas, the potentials and challenges will be specifically analysed. One area, for example, is "in-vehicle enablers", which deals with concrete development possibilities for vehicles and their equipment. Another example is "Physical and Digital Infrastructure", in which, among other things, the infrastructure requirements of automated vehicles are determined in order to accelerate the introduction of CAD systems and make them safer. There are also other topics, such as the possible influence of artificial intelligence, or a socio-economic impact analysis.

The focus is always on the future. Development scenarios are used to work out the various possible influences and benefits. Expert Martin Dirnwöber, active in the projects ARCADE and INFRAMIX, explains the aim of the project with concrete examples: "We want to find out what the challenges in the field of automated traffic systems are. What would be the concrete impact of implementing or not implementing a certain measure? However, at the moment we are still in the analysis phase."

A milestone in the project was reached with the publication of the so-called „Knowledge-Base“. This is an overview of various projects and activities in Europe in the field of CAD. In addition, different focal points are set for each of the three project years. At the end of September 2019, the results of the focal points "Challenges" and "Enablers" for automated driving based on two different scenarios for the year 2035 were presented internally. These findings form the basis for the next steps within the project.