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Mobility innovations

Jun 17, 2019

AustriaTech supports innovation processes that deal with current and future challenges within the mobility system. These require new approaches, solutions and system changes.

Change is a characteristic feature of our time and is accompanied by great challenges. Innovative ideas are needed to cope with these challenges and shape a positive future. Innovations are new technologies or methods successfully introduced into human coexistence. In the mobility sector, but also in all other areas, new technologies - also from related sectors such as information and communication technology - make such novelties possible. Since innovations are meritorious goods (the demand for them is lower than the socially desired level), there are many government efforts to promote innovations. In the classical sense, these are monetary subsidies for research and technology. AustriaTech, on the other hand, supports these developments in other ways.

Enabling innovation

The experts of AustriaTech intervene selectively at many points in the innovation process. Good examples of such interventions in the innovation process are the SPICE project, which deals with innovative procurement strategies, the Austrian Action Programme on Automated Mobility or reality labs such as the Urban Mobility Labs. The activities we undertake in this context can be understood as a kind of cycle. The basis of all activities is the continuous monitoring of a wide variety of instruments and methods. On this basis, new instruments and methods for promoting research and innovation are developed. Recommendations for action can be given by developing possible scenarios. Specific monitoring and evaluation tools will be developed for the implementation of pilot applications.


Innovation process infographic with several colourful arrows in a circular motion


In addition, our experts advise and act as an go-between for politics, industry and public administration: For the successful implementation of innovations, the interests of various stakeholders must be taken into account, but also precise sequences of approvals or agreements between federal, state and local authorities must be adhered to.

International market leader Europe

The importance of innovation has risen sharply in recent decades. Around 80% of economic growth results from innovation processes; market saturation effects and changed lifestyles, such as the focus on sustainability, demand new products and solutions. In addition, there is a strong principle of excellence on the market. The first or the best idea is bought and already the second best idea has no chance to position itself on the market, because ideas can be multiplied arbitrarily and "free of charge": means "the winner takes it all". Europe is currently the world market leader in (automotive) mobility technologies. However, major upheavals are taking place in production, functionality, infrastructure and many other areas. So it is not a matter of course to stay at the top. Therefore and in order to guarantee a sustainable, safe and efficient mobility system for all citizens, AustriaTech supports innovation processes and helps to break new ground.