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News on the provision of multimodal data in Austria

May 17, 2023

On April 18, 2023, the ITS Contact Point in cooperation with the EU funded project DATA4PT organized an information event on how to provide multimodal data in Austria and who has to provide it.

The aim of the information event was to facilitate the dialog between stakeholders and experts and to support the implementation of the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/1926. It was particularly important for the participants to learn what steps need to be taken to provide multimodal data by the time the regulation comes into force at the end of 2023. In the run-up, more than 400 companies, businesses and authorities in the sharing field were identified and contacted.
As an ITS contact point, AustriaTech fulfills an explicit consulting and information function regarding the Delegated Regulations and provides the national stakeholders with detailed information on compliance monitoring. In addition, the ITS contact point manages the collection of self-declarations. As AustriaTech acts as the national ITS contact point but is also active in the Data4PT project, further information and support can and will be provided. Through the feedback of the participants, concrete needs can also be addressed and training needs can be identified.

As an introduction, the Action Plan Digital Transformation in Mobility - published by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection (BMK) in 2022 - was examined in detail, as it contains measures for the optimal use of mobility data. Through years of extensive expertise and activities at AustriaTech, participants were able to learn about various aspects surrounding the topic of data provision. These included:

  • Who is affected by the ITS Guideline 2010/40/EU and the relevant contents of the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/1926?
  • What types of data are included?
  • What are the challenges to harmonize data and what are the activities to provide them?
  • What information does the national access point (NAP) contain and what does the meta-data description look like in concrete terms?
  • How are the harmonized European data standards NeTEx, SIRI and Open Journey Planning structured and how can they be used?

In addition to national specifications, various international activities and best practice projects such as "PRIO AUSTRIA", "DATA4PT" and "NAPCORE" were also presented: Because by the end of 2023, static travel data and traffic data - if they are not available digitally anyway - must be made available via the national access point, even if they are not available in the specified standard. AustriaTech has also been able to help shape the path to harmonized and cross-border travel data information provision in this regard in recent years.
Another focus of the event was the exchange of practical experiences and concrete examples from the users' point of view:

  • The implementation of NeTEx and SIRI at Wiener Linien: The advantage of standards even without mandatory implementation
  • The NeTEx data provision of the mobility associations Austria: How the alliance of the associations affected efficiency and what other benefits it brought
  • The status of implementation from the perspective of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG
  • Presentation of the pilot project "Domino": Ride along - potential and reality

A DATA4PT follow-up event is planned for summer 2023. Details on date and content will follow.
We thank all the presenters for their support and valuable inputs:

Helge Molin / BMK; Sascha Dorn / Wiener Linien; Alexander Klein / Mobilitätsverbünde Österreich; Georg Winzer / ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG; Christian Steger-Vonmetz / VOR GmbH; Julia Düh / AustriaTech und DATA4PT; Damaris Gruber / AustriaTech IVS-Stelle; Katharina Helfert / AustriaTech; Benjamin Witsch / AustriaTech und National Access Point

ITS-Contact Point, Damaris Gruber,
DATA4PT and piloting, Julia Düh,
National Access Point Austria, Benjamin Witsch,