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Next steps to harmonise C-ITS in Europe

Collaboration of C-Roads Platform and DATEX II

Jun 6, 2019

At the ITS Europe Congress 2019 in Eindhoven the European harmonisation of C-ITS was taken to the next level. The two major European initiatives for harmonisation – DATEX II and C-Roads Platform – agreed on joining forces against the background of emerging cooperative intelligent transport services (C-ITS). A cooperation of these two initiatives was logically the next step because of their high potential for synergies and their technical and strategic importance in increasing safety and efficiency of transport which they demonstrated in the past. Read more

Furthermore, Greece and Ireland have joined the C-Roads Platform now as Core Members (formerly Associated Members) which means 18 States are united with coordinating national pilots and cross-site testing activities to achieve transnational interoperability.

AustriaTech is responsible for the strategic coordination of the C-Roads Platform. Read more about C-Roads Platform here

Martin Böhm, leader of the business unit mobility technologies and mobility services holding a contract