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OJP - One Standard for Travel Information Planners across Europe

Oct 13, 2021

Open Journey Planners (OJP) are designed to enable cross-border, accessible and seamless journey planning. The first OJPEurope event invited to a Europe-wide exchange.

On September 22nd, the OJP4Europe event took place, organized as a cross-project meeting of the consortia of the Interreg projects OJP4Danube and LinkingAlps and representatives of EU-Spirit. The event focused on the developed OJP standard, which enables the linking of travel information from different providers across national borders. The aim was to inform transport operators, countries or travel service providers about the possibilities and added value of this standard and to strengthen cooperation between the most important OJP-based travel planners across Europe through knowledge exchange and shared learning.

Around 90 people attended the hybrid event. A strong commitment to pan-European collaboration was perceived among all participants to further advance the development of OJP-based transnational travel planning services. In addition to current presentations of the various project activities, insights into the currently ongoing revision of the ITS Directive were given by a representative of the European Commission, thus addressing the need for future development steps.

After the end of the projects next year, a beta-testing phase of the linked travel information services in the Alpine region is planned within the consortium to enable an operative operation in the future. In order to connect further systems to the network and to achieve a high scalability, especially the "future adopters" will be addressed within the next steps.

Front from left to right: Roberto Cavaliere (STA), Matthias Günter (SBB), Anina Döbeli (BAV), Markus Liechti (BAV), Andreas Partusch (VAO)

Back from left to right: Martin Böhm (AustriaTech), Bettina Neuhäuser (VAO), Patrick Dejaco (STA), Daniela Gamper (AustriaTech), Stefan Mayr (VAO), Gerhard Menzel (Ministry for Climate Action), Helge Molin (Ministry for Climate Action)