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Mobility as a Service

At the moment, a change to a "Service First"-paradigm is emerging in mobility, which can be established by the new planning approach of MaaS ("Mobility-as-a-Service"). Based on an integrated and multimodal transport system and the integration of booking, marketing and information platforms, the approach puts respective customer needs in the foreground. Efforts are being made to bring MaaS in line with socially desirable effects (e.g. reduced environmental pollution and traffic burden).

For example, a targeted implementation of the concept can lead to a reduction in individual vehicle ownership and consequently to a reduction in individual motorised traffic and the associated issues such as emissions, traffic jams and parking problems. Other positive effects include increased use of park & ride services, increased efficiency and improved first- and last-mile connections. In addition, MaaS also supports the switch to electric vehicles in the sense of a mobility shift.