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Work-Life-Balance: how Family & Work are compatible at AustriaTech

Dec 16, 2019

In its role as an employer, AustriaTech takes the work-life balance of its employees seriously and tries to respond to individual needs.

For this reason, it tries to ideally support the individual needs of its employees in the various phases of their lives by means of a flexitime model, flexible hour adjustment and various other possibilities such as parental part-time work. As part of the legal entitlement of all fathers to a “papamonth” introduced by law in autumn 2019, fathers are offered the opportunity to spend time with their family after the birth of their offspring.

AustriaTech goes one step further and offers its employees one week of paid special leave within the first two months after the birth or adoption of a child and a further two weeks of unpaid special leave during the first year of life in order to give them the opportunity to expand their active paternity to the extent they wish.

AustriaTech also offers both mothers and fathers the opportunity to take a day of paid special leave on their child's first day at primary school so that children have the chance to spend their first day at school in the presence of their parents.

In order to round off AustriaTech's family-friendly offer, there is also the possibility of hourly or daily time compensation and home office, so that all our employees are able to adjust their working hours to their family situation as far as possible.

"I am very grateful for the family-friendly environment at AustriaTech. This made it possible for me to experience the first weeks with my child very intensively and to be there for the rest of the family at the same time." – Martin Dirnwöber, Team Automated & Clean Mobility