Board of the ITS Austria
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Board of the ITS Austria

Board of ITS Austria infographic

Representatives of the public sector together with operators of transport infrastructures form the ITS Steering Committee. All these actors need a political commitment, for example, strengthening the Open Data principle, ensuring direct, regular exchange between authorities and operators of critical infrastructure or maintaining and expanding public transport. This defines a "mission" to the ITS Steering Committee. Subsequently, and based on the policy objectives and the underlying strategy, the Committee needs to develop a medium-term road map. Based on this, an annual work programme will be developed.

Subsequently, the ITS Steering Committee defines the need for specific working groups, projects and possibly joint operator structures. This need is coordinated with the ITS Forum (consisting of industry, research and interest groups), whereby the respective activities have to be deposited by the individual members of the ITS Steering Committee with resources (both personnel and financial).

The organisation and operation of ITS Austria is supported by AustriaTech, which forms the secretariat of ITS Austria. The management of AustriaTech will assume the role of Secretary General.